Anjali Foundation USA is a non-profit organization of volunteers and donors of cash, goods and services to benefit chronically ill population of patients with both psychiatric disorders and long-term physical illness (“body-mind” disorders).

Anjali provides financial aid for vital services, including Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which may not be affordable or covered 69 insurance for some patients. It also provides pro-bono services from volunteer health care providers.

“Anjali” (pronounced AN*jali) is Sanskrit for “Gift.” The philosophy of Anjali is based on Awareness of the blessings and gifts we receive from others every day cultivation of Gratitude and Joy, and Expression of this gratitude and joy in the form of Service to others.

Beauty for a Cause

In loving memory of our dear friend Omar Mendez, we will donate a percentage of every product purchased in our Salon to an organization working to prevent depression and suicide.